Questions About Solar?

We’ve got answers.

FAQ: Commercial

How long does solar last?

The manufactured Warranty on the solar panels lasts 25 years but often, owners will see 30-40 years.

What parts may need to be replaced?

Inverters have a 20-year warranty and Rise Solar and the Inverter manufacturer will repair/replace.

Is there financing?

Yes, ask us about our various financing options that can reduce your monthly cost of solar and by reducing/eliminating your monthly electrical/energy costs – we can help increase your company’s monthly operating cash flow.

How long does the typical install take?

Smaller jobs can be finished in 1-2 days; larger commercial jobs may take 2-4 weeks depending on size and scope.

Does insurance cover these solar panels?

Your property hazard/casualty insurance does cover the solar panels. Ask us how durable they are for West Texas weather such as hail.

Does solar increase property value?

Absolutely. Ask us for the financial analysis that demonstrates excellent return on investment, increased building cash flow and value increase.

FAQ: Residential

What’s the value of my home after a solar system is installed?

Texas Association of Realtors research and analysis revealed the average solar system increases the value of the home. After your residential solar tax credit reduces the cost by 20-26%, the TAR showed resale value of the home with solar increased over the cost of your solar panels.

How much will it cost out of pocket?

Often there is little to cost out of pocket when working with solar finance companies.

Is there a federal tax benefit?

Yes. Currently in 2020 there is a 26% tax credit which phases to 21% in 2021. This means a $20,000 solar panel install will return to you a $5,200 tax credit. This $5,200 immediately reduces any taxes owed on your current year and may even provide a refund in some cases.

What will this cost extra on my homeowner’s insurance?

The typical increase in homeowner insurance averages $50-100 per year depending on the insurance company.

What type of maintenance do I need?

Due to Lubbock’s friendly dusty skies, we recommend a simple hose down/washing ever few months. Ask us about our quarterly maintenance program.

How long will a typical residential install take?

Normally 1-2 days to complete a residential install.

Will I have to upgrade my panels in a few years to keep up with technology changes?

No, these panels use and function have been the same for 50+ years, and with 25-year manufacturer warranties, the need to replace is not there.


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