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30-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

We’re the only local provider that’s able to offer a 30 Year warranty on both the parts and labor of a solar power system. Rest easy knowing your investment is protected!

Built In West Texas, For West Texas

We know local because we are local. Founded and Headquartered in Lubbock, TX our goal is to help our fellow community members get the right energy solutions for their needs!

Our Energy Solutions

Solar Solutions

Solar energy offers a great opportunity for consumers to save money on their energy bills in the long run. Although the initial cost of installation may be high, the investment can pay for itself over time through significant energy savings. Furthermore, governments at both state and local levels offer incentives and tax breaks to encourage more people to adopt solar energy, making it an even more attractive option for those seeking cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

Power Storage

Power storage options, such as batteries and generators, have become increasingly popular as more people switch to renewable energy sources like solar power. These devices allow you to store energy generated by your solar panels or wind turbines, ensuring you have a reliable backup power source when you need it.

Energy Brokerage

Energy brokers act as intermediaries between energy suppliers and businesses, helping them find the best energy deals for their specific needs. Our energy brokerage services provide businesses with access to a network of energy suppliers and solutions that can help them save money on their energy costs.

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Others Who Trust Rise Energy

Our street gets power outages for hours everytime there's a storm. We opted into getting a generator and battery setup and I haven't had a day without power yet!! The greatest part is that my system ended up costing less than if I would have just kept paying my bills.

Dylan was able to get me setup on a great plan, my electric bill never goes over $10, and I don't ever have to worry about being in the dark

- Phillip Mccauley via Google

My electric bills were through the roof (No pun intended). This last summer was close to $500. Dylan was great to work with and helped me set up my app.
I was able to get tier 1 panels and a battery for thousands less than the other companies I was looking at.

- Casey Dietrich via Google

They did a great job on my home. The panels look clean and my bills are low.We were worried about the ERCOT swap coming, so we got a generator with our solar panels. The whole process went smoothly. Dylan made sure to explain the whole installation process and continued to check in with me after the install to make sure LP&L was billing me correctly.

- Van P via Google


Don't depend on the grid to come through when it matters most; invest in your energy future and take back control of your power.